All gifts, favors and gift wrap will be customized to coordinate with your wedding theme, colors, or other personal preference, and can include your names, wedding date or other meaningful words and images.

Prices include delivery and removal of any extraneous items after your event

        We understand your wedding is more than just a celebration of your love for your partner,

it’s an expression of love for everyone in your life who has brought you to this special moment in time.

Let us help you delight and honor those you care about with thoughtful attendant gifts, meaningful thank you gifts for officiants, and beautiful wedding favors, all designed to enhance the aesthetics of your wedding. 

Attendant/Officiant Gifts

$5 per gift

(wrapping only)

$10 per gift

(selection & wrapping)

*plus cost of materials

Wedding/Shower Favors

$2 per favor

(100 or more)

$3 per favor

(under 100)

*plus cost of materials

Welcome Gifts

$5 per gift

(selection & wrapping)

$15 per delivery


*plus cost of materials

for out of town guests